So you received an email like this through your websites contact form?

Subject: Hey

Message Body:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I really liked your website. May I kindly advertise my website in yours please? If you guys can, I will pay you 500$ monthly.

Before you guys advertise, can you make a small tour in my website and see if you like it maybe?

Thank you for your time!

Best Regards,
The same email is getting sent out everywhere at the moment.

Whilst we cant prove its a scam, the site does exist……our advice?….delete it…..and you shouldn’t click¬† links in emails you are not sure about as you do not know what will happen when you do as most likely the link is cloaked hiding the real intent of what the sender is trying to do.

Worst case scenario you click on the link and it places a cookie in your browser and then they can track the sites you visit and copy the passwords that you enter on any sites.

This is how fraud and identity theft happens daily.

When an unsolicited email comes in with an offer that sounds too good to be true….it is.